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Frequently asked questions regarding Tell City Chair Co.

Q: Is Tell City Chair Co. furniture still being manufactured?

As of September 1 2011, Tell City Chair Co. furniture is no longer being manufactured. This brings an end to a company that has produced millions of home furnishings.

Q: I am looking for additional pieces to match my Tell City Chair Co. Young Republic® Maple Collection furniture. Can I purchase Tell City Chair Co. furniture products directly from you?

A:  Yes, all of our products shown on our website are available for purchase, unless marked "sold out". The Young Republic® Collection, which your furniture is a part of, was discontinued in 1995; we have 1000's of this collection available.  Please send request to

Q:  Is there a catalog or book available with Tell City Chair Co.  furniture products that I can purchase?

A:  There is no one book with all Tell City Chair Co. products in it.  However, Tell City Chair Co. did produce catalogs with their products.  We have their old catalogs available for $22.50.  Please send a request for the year you requesting, through

Q:  I would like to know the value of my Tell City Chair Co. furniture. Can you help me with a value?

A:  We DO NOT provide values for Tell City Chair Co. furniture. Which means no appraisals or resale values can be given. Sorry.



Q:   I want to know how much I can sell my furniture for can you tell me what I should ask for it? 

:  Sorry we cannot advise you what you should ask for your furniture.  I recommend that you just sell it for what would make you happy. WE DO NOT GIVE VALUES!!! To get a value for your furniture, you could try E-Bay or other online resources for a price.

Q: I would like to know how old my Tell City Chair Co. furniture is?  What can you tell me?

A:  This information is unavailable. A date cannot be established by using the pattern number because they made some of the same patterns for 30 years or more.

Q:   My Tell City Chair Co. Glide Rocker has a broken metal swing iron, can you help me repair my chair?

A:  We no longer have swing iron replacement kits available. We do have a limited supply of Brown-RH swing irons (right side when sitting in the chair) which may resolve your problem. The swing irons had several design changes to them over many years but our latest part should work in your situation. In later models it is possible to install a RH part on the opposite side by turning it over. One swing iron is $25.00 plus $7.00 postage and handling. Indiana residents please add 7% Indiana sales tax. 

Q:  My Tell City Chair Co. glider rocker has a support under the seat cushion that looks like a wire mesh with rubber springs (1” W X 2” L) that attach to the back of the seat frame. The springs have broken and need to be replaced. Can you help me?

A: We have the rubber springs that you are inquiring about. We strongly recommend that you replace all of the rubber springs in your chair at the same time as they do stretch with age and use. It may also be necessary to have an upholstery shop install the springs. They are in stock and ready to be shipped for a cost of $5.00 each plus $6.00 for shipping handling( lower 48 states only) up to four springs. Indiana residents please add 7% Indianan sales tax.  (NO LONGER IN STOCK)

Q:  My Tell City Chair Co. glide rocker has a support under the seat cushion that looks like elastic chair webbing with metal clips on each end.  These clips fit into slots in the seat frame.  My webbing straps have broken and need to be replaced.  Can you help me?


We need for you to measure your chair and determine the amount of webbing needed. Please measure the distance from slot to slot, across the frame and front to back to determine how much webbing is needed. Keep in mind that not all chairs have straps of equal length side to side compared with front to back so please measure both ways. After you’ve measured both ways multiply the number of straps needed by each length and add the values for the total lineal footage needed.

When installing it is necessary to cut the individual straps shorter than the actual opening to make them taunt when installed. We use a 23% stretch factor when doing factory installations. If you want to allow for the stretch factor when ordering take the total footage and divide that number by 1.23. If your total footage, to the nearest foot, were seven feet you would divide seven feet by 1.23, which equals 5.69, or rounded, six feet of webbing needed.

You will need two metal clips for each webbing strap so multiply the number of straps by two to determine how many clips are needed.

The metal ends or clips that slip into the slots of your seat frame are $. 85 each. The webbing material is sold in a single uncut length and is $2.50 per foot. Shipping handling charges (lower 48 states only) for up to 12 feet of webbing and 20 clips would be $8.00. Indiana residents please add 7% Indiana sales tax.

We also provide installation instructions that assist with cutting the straps and crimping the ends on each strap end.

Q:  The cushions on my Tell City Chair Co. rocker or chairs need to be replaced. Can I order replacements directly from you?

A:  NO, we do not have cushions.  Our suggestion for our customers who need replacement cushions is to take their seat and back cushions to an upholstery shop that they know and trust. The upholstery shop will use your old cushions to make a pattern to produce new cushions. The filler material in the cushions often needs to be replaced at the same time and they should accomplish all of this for a reasonable fee.

Q:  I have a Tell City Chair Co., chair with a rush type woven seat. Can this seat be replaced and can you recommend someone to replace the seat for me?

A:  The seat in your chair can be rewoven. The seats can be replaced using the same seat fiber and finishing materials that we’ve used since 1940.  Reweaving involves removing the old seat and installing the new seat.  It does not include refinishing of the chair frame, only seat replacement and seat finishing.  You would need to bring your chair(s) to our store and leave them with us. Please contact us for current pricing.  



Q: Do you buy Tell City Chair Co. Furniture from individutals?

A:  Yes, we do buy Tell City Chair Co. Furniture from individuals.  PLEASE CONSIER THIS: However, there are several factors that determine if we are interested in purchasing your furniture. We do not travel far to pick up items. Its the sellers responsibility to deliver the furniture to us if they are interested in selling it. Nevertheless, smaller accessory items may be shipped when possible.  Second condition, condition, condition is a large factor in us purchasing your item(s).  If an item requires any touch-up, repair, or refinish work we might not be interested. Third, the rarity of your item(s), table and chairs, hutches would not be considered rare. If you have Tell City Chair Co. Furniture that you would like to sell please contact us at  Please try to include photos!

If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at

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